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For his next challenge, set by best friend driver Jim, Tall Tim will be learning to drive a Fork Lift Truck. Instructed by Paul Moon from 2 Start Training Ltd, Tim tries to master this surprisingly difficult vehicle through some in-depth training and finally complete his chicane challenge.

Learning to drive a Fork Lift Truck is both dangerous and technical, which usually takes place across multiple days. With a considerable amount of Health and Safety, as well as operational aspects, this challenge will not be easy for no driver Tall Tim. This will especially be the case as he has only a couple of hours to master the operation of a Fork Lift Truck before he is put to the test.

Paul shows Tim the basics of operating the vehicle and manoeuvring a Fork Lift around a barrel. Learning the controls don’t seem to cause too much problem for Tall Tim, but when it comes to moving its a completely different story.

Can’t Drive Won’t follows Tall Tim, a man who cannot drive, attempt to drive the weirdest vehicles possible. Past repertoire of vehicles include; a Tank, Crop sprayer, Bus, Powerboat, Segway and Forklift.

Watch now to find out whether Tall Tim succeeds in learning to drive a Fork Lift Truck.

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