Plymouth Road Runner Superbird owner Steve

Back in the late Sixties, Chrysler was losing to Ford in America’s NASCAR series. Their star driver, Richard Petty, had defected to the Blue Oval too, so (apparently) in an attempt to lure him back and wrest the crown from Ford, Chrysler’s engineers cooked up this, the Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.

Based on the mid-range Road Runner coupe, Plymouth added an aerodynamic nosecone and a gigantic rear wing to make the car as streamlined as possible. A monstrous 7.2-litre V8 engine provided a lot of power. And it worked. The Superbird became the first stock car to lap an oval track at 200mph. In 1970!

Just under 2,000 road-going Superbirds were built for homologation. Despite its on-track record, its extreme styling made it a tough sell and many dealers ended up taking the nose and wing off to get rid of them.

Still, these days it is rightly regarded as a legend in the muscle car world. Tim BC met very lucky Superbird owner Steve at Wings and Wheels.

Incidentally, the wing is two feet tall and the nosecone adds 19 inches to the car’s length. It’s over 18 feet long!

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