The Uber GT Challenge

‘Twas a fine summer day that John Curtis and Paul ‘Woody’ Woodford arrived (incongruously) at Uber GT, purveyor of fine German automobiles, where they would be set a challenge or three.

With the boss of Uber GT mysteriously absent, Only Motors resident wannabe Bond villain, ‘Tall’ Tim Denning, took charge.

First off, Tall Tim gave our fearless duo some ‘training’ in the finer techniques of car salesmanship. Then John and Woody applied their newly acquired ‘skills’ and actually tried to sell some cars to poor, unsuspecting members of the public.

To finish off, Tall Tim did his best impression of a game show host with a game of Top Trumps.

Was Woody finally able to beat John at a challenge? Has Tall Tim actually learned anything about cars yet?

Watch and find out.

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