Grant Nicholas – Needle Time

Grant Nicholas features on Vintage TV.

Neil McCormick, Chief Music Critic for The Daily Telegraph, interviews music artists for an hour-long, profound show. He delves into their career so far, their approach to songwriting, their influences, experiences in the industry and what fans can expect in the near future.

Previous artists on Needle Time include Meat Loaf, Bob Geldof, Lulu, Jools Holland, Nile Rodgers, Joss Stone, Don McLean, KT Tunstall, James Blunt and Jeff Lynne.

Check out Grant Nicholas’ website at Or for more videos like this go to Vintage TV.

Biographical Information about Grant Nicholas

Grantley Jonathan “Grant” Nicholas (born 12 November 1967) is a Welsh musician, and lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Feeder. Nicholas’ “signature guitar” is a 1967 Sunburst Fender Jazzmaster. In addition to this, he also owns a 1964 Silver Jazzmaster (often tuned differently when used live) and another Sunburst 59 Jazzmaster. He is using Fender Telecasters more and more and has a 73 Sunburst Fender Telecaster a 63 Black Telecaster and a Blue Standard Telecaster. His other guitars include a Cherry Red Gibson SG, a Fender Bellmaster, a Green Custom Jazzbird, a Green Jazzmaster (which he destroyed at Feeder’s headline set at Download 2005 and later said he regretted it, but still has the neck to make a new guitar with), a Gibson Firebird,a custom ESP “Gibstang”, a Sunburst Gibson J-200 Acoustic and a natural finish Yamaha acoustic (for recording). He uses a variety of different pedals and effects to produce the distinctive Feeder sound. His main amplifiers are: Vox AC30s, Fender Twins, Boogie and Marshall + Marshall and Orange Speaker Cabinets.

It was while in London that Nicholas learnt how to be a songwriter and formed Hum (soon to be renamed Real, Reel, then Feeder) with Lee, and Taka Hirose, who was working in London as a graphic designer. A series of Reel recordings surfaced on eBay in early 2006.

In 2001 Nicholas also had success with the re-recording of “You Don’t See The Signs”, a collaboration with producer/rapper duo Mark B and Blade, who had released the original version as their first single. The new version, subtitled the “Grant Nicholas Remix”, reached No. 23 in the United Kingdom.

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