If you have a live television channel which originates anywhere around the world and you want to deliver it into many countries then kapang is the solution.

You can achieve higher ad revenues without BARB – give it a go!

The tv channel challenge

BARB, which due to its minute sample size of 5,000 is unfair, inaccurate and not fit for purpose in measuring TV viewership for niche audiences. It should be able to count, fairly the number of viewers and then fairly, distribute advertising revenue to channel owners. This has failed where other, more enlightened companies have made failure into an opportunity.

How did Uber undermine the established taxi market? By utilising GPS and smartphone technology to beat established services. How did Netflix become so dominant? By jumping over the middleman broadcasters and channel owners.

How would you like to beat BARB, Sky, Virgin Media and others who don’t pay you what you’re worth? How would you like to take advantage of technology and jump over them? Well, you can, with our help.

Above is Rathergood Dance a live streaming 1080HD television channel with full SSAI monetisation

View TV Group

The modern tv broadcast business model

We are a traditional TV broadcast platform and channel revenue generator using programmatic ad decisioning selling CPMs many times greater than what you’re already getting.

We provide an end-to-end solution utilising the technology cost advantages of the internet to count, fairly, your viewing numbers and jump over traditional distribution to trade higher-value, one-to-one ads to individual viewers, globally through a wide variety of TV channels.

How would you like your channel to be on our telly platform and other platforms in the US, Europe and elsewhere adding value and revenue?

The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour – Pure success from online audiences globally

The Kapang Offer to existing broadcasters

You are unique so we have produced a range of offers to meet everyone’s need. Please visit https://kapang.com/broadcasters/ to have a look at our offers and if you like what you see, contact me at nicky.scanlon@viewtvgroup.com and we can schedule a call to further discuss.