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FAST Channels – OTT Platform Distribution

FAST channels distribution just became a lot easier for content owners, media, and platforms with the latest offering from View TV.

FAST Channels Network from View TV provides a growing catalogue of FAST channels. They open the doors for many channels to be recognized by global OTT platforms and Smart TV Manufacturers.

FAST Channel Distribution from View TV allows any existing FAST channel, Broadcast Channel, Content Owner, or Content Agency to get live in the FAST market to monetize content and channel curation whilst providing continuity for channels, security, and management for channels.

FAST Channels from View TV is also enabling FAST TRACK, a solution to get content owners into the FAST industry on a cable broadcast-grade channel within a few weeks to take advantage of the FAST Industry Gold Rush.

Any business with enough content to create a channel can pop up a channel via their Cloudie TV OTT TV Playout or upload the files and take part in a joint-venture FAST Channel with View TV and the FAST Channels Network team based on 70/30 net revenues or 80/20 of gross revenues when you use their Broadcaster Platform.

Contact the guys at View TV and their FAST Channels team if you want to scale your FAST channel or even get FAST Tracked into the gold rush.

Visit the website at or the View TV website at

FAST Channels – OTT Platform Distribution, Streaming TV Platform - Kapang


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