Kapang broadcasts more than 100 live tv channels per country bring standard terrestrial channels, subscription premium channels, and international simulcasts together on a standardised platform.

Most of our channels are broadcast in full HD, although older channels only being available in SD restricts a blacket high quality lineup.

Kapang Broadcast Team are very happy to announce that 4K TV Channels and 8K TV Channels will be available from the quarter four of 2019.

8k Screen Size
8k Screen Size

Free2View Channels

Free2View TV Channels available on Kapang

Music TV Channels

Kapang is bringing more than 60 music television channels to the platform spanning a wide range of genres from Vintage Music TV from retro times up to the present days from the Rathergood Radio and Rathergood Music offerings

Music TV is an important part of the Kapang Success with Innovative Radio Solutions

Premium TV Channels

The Premium TV Channel offering from Kapang has enabled niche audience and high-value content to allow followers to contribute to the live broadcast.

Premium channels will be available from all over the world in different languages, so you could be watching a Californian TV channel in your home in Dundee and ITV 3 in your home in Florida.

Channels will be listed here as they are announced……

Local TV Channels

The Kapang Local TV proposition in partnership with View TV Local with its is releasing a number of local broadcast channels per country. In the UK a dedicated local television channel will be made available to every county with a split-broadcast hyperlocal tv channel being available to all towns and cities with a population of more than 100,000 residents.

In the US , Kapang is planning to roll out local television based on states with the ability of hyper-local tv spin-offs for each town with a higher than 200,000 population.

Click here to view the list of UK Local TV Channels

Radio Channels and Music Streaming

Kapang Radio and Kapang Music are being provided across all devices to listen to audio via your broadcast account. Kapang has more than 200 radio stations from existing radio broadcasters or playlists rated by genre.