Love TV on Freeview – Channelbox has announced the launch of Love Wine, Love the Planet and Trailers FAST channels from Love TV to its line-up of entertainment offerings.

Channelbox say the trio of new channels will “enrich the viewing experience of the Freeview audience”. This will be achieved by offering “captivating content that resonates with various interests and passions”. 

Love Wine: Discover the world of wines like never before with Love Wine channel. Whether you are seasonal connoisseur or indeed, someone just simply starting to explore the art of wine. This channel brings tantalising insights into vineyards. Furthermore, the channel demonstrates wine making processes, tasting notes and much more.

Love the Planet: From documentaries highlighting the beauty of our planet to thought-provoking discussions on eco-friendly practices. This channel serves as a hub for individuals passionate about making a positive impact on the world.

Trailers: The channel offers a curated selection of trailers, sneak peaks and teasers. 

Channelbox is a multi-channel platform available on connected Freeview channel 271 and Channelbox mobile applications. Channelbox supports FAST channels monetisation and offers over 70 TV channels to the Freeview audience.   

“We are proud to offer these new channels as part of our commitment to delivering a dynamic and engaging entertainment lineup. Freeview viewers can access these channel for free via Channelbox on Freeview channel 271. They can explore their passions with convenience and quality that Channelbox is known for,” says Tanya Kronfli, Channelbox head of business development.

Teresa López, Co-founder and CEO at Love TV Channels, also says: “Trailers, Love the Planet and Love Wine are the first brands in our portfolio of thematic free TV channels. They offer the best selection of premium content curated and programmed by our team. This will entertain our audiences that are passionate lovers of these thematics. Additionally it will also build the best opportunity for advertisers to communicate with such engaged segmented audiences. What’s more, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to increase our distribution. Freeview viewers can now watch our channels thanks to our recent agreement with Channelbox.

News Source: Advanced Television