Bizhan Jeddi of Signature Car Hire

If you want to hire an Aston Martin for a weekend away, or a Rolls-Royce for a wedding, Signature Car Hire can sort you out.

Signature has one of the biggest fleets of performance and luxury cars available for hire in the UK, either self-drive or with a chauffeur. Signature also runs a car club and provides a full wedding hire service.

They don’t just throw you the keys to the Ferrari or McLaren you’re about to drive away in, either. After all, you might only have driven a 100bhp hatchback before.

Before you head out of the door, customers are given a very comprehensive tutorial on how the car works and what all the buttons do. And they will tell you which buttons not to press. Like the one that turns the traction control off. ‘Cause that’s a phone you really don’t want to make…

#TallTim met up with Development Director Bizhan Jeddi in a rather lovely Bentley convertible to talk about what Signature does and the services it offers.

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