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It’s probably the case that more Caterham Sevens are driven on race tracks than other car.

Since it was launched in 1973 – taking over from the Lotus Seven – the Caterham has been sold as the ultimate in pure driving pleasure. The best place to experience that is, of course, on track and we wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of Caterhams have seen some sort track action at some point.

Caterham itself has supported many race series over the years and recently branched out into track days through You can either turn up in your own car, or rent a specially-prepared racer for the day. You even get an instructor thrown in as well, to make sure you don’t crash.

Motoring journalist Graham King, drifter Jake Archer and seasoned racer David Goode recently went to Donington Park for the full Caterham Bookatrack experience.

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