Can’t Drive Won’t – The Tank

 On this edition of Can’t Drive Won’t

For his next challenge, set by best friend driver Jim, Tall Tim will be learning to drive a Tank.

Only Motors resident non-driver, ‘Tall’ Tim Denning, is challenged to drive a mighty military monster: a Chieftain tank. After doing his homework and getting some training – which goes predictably well – Tall Tim heads to the appropriately named The Tank Driving Company to at least attempt to get to grips with a 50-ton metal monster.

Learning to drive a tank is usually reserved for members of the military, who already pertain a level of skill. Not only does Tall Tim not know how to drive a military grade Tank, but he doesn’t know how to drive at all. His instructors will have their work cut out for them if they’re going to teach Tall Tim to drive a tank, but will he follow orders?

Can’t Drive Won’t follows Tall Tim, a man who cannot drive, attempt to drive the weirdest vehicles possible. Past repertoire of vehicles include; a Tank, Crop sprayer, Bus, Powerboat, Segway and Forklift.

Watch now to find out whether Tall Tim succeeds with his challenge or ends up hating driving even more.

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