Can’t Drive Won’t – Fast Parking

On this edition of Can’t Drive Won’t


For his next challenge, set by best friend driver Jim, Tall Tim will be learning how to Fast Park. Training with Precision Driving in Darlington, County Durham, Tim will need to not only learn the basics of driving but also how to park, fast.

His instructor for the day is Paul Swift, a British stunt river best known for his autotesting, precision driving and involvement in live action arena motor shows. Having not driven an actual car since his teenage years,Tall Tim is in for the challenge of his career as he learns how to Fast Park.

Learning how to Fast Park, takes a lot of skill, commitment and patience, three qualities Tall Tim does not posses. He is first taught how to drive and park as the average driver would and then will ultimately attempt to perform a 180 Handbrake Parallel Park.

Paul shows Tall Tim the basics of how to manoeuvre a car quickly, performing a few stunts before moving into the parking challenges.

Watch now to find out whether Tall Tim can actually drive a car and more importantly can he Fast Park it.

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