Just Connect retro-fit DAB and Bluetooth

Technology develops so quickly that car manufacturers often struggle to keep up. DAB radio and Bluetooth are cases in point.

Even now, when the analogue radio switch-off is looming and pretty much every mobile phone has Bluetooth, both are not yet universally available in new cars. If you’ve got an older car, you’ll just have to sit in silence and ignore your calls.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many retro-fit DAB and Bluetooth systems available, but Just Connect offers the best on the market.

Unlike many rival products, Just Connect’s systems don’t come with any unsightly peripherals. The modules integrate seamlessly into the existing audio equipment and operate through the normal stereo controls. The only things you can see are the microphone for the Bluetooth and the remote for the DAB.

Just Connect came down to the Only Motors office and very generously fitted the DAB and Bluetooth system to our pool car. We’ve been using it for a while now and found the system very intuitive to use. The DAB plays through the speakers with the same sound quality as the FM radio and the Bluetooth pairs easily. The only criticism we have is that the Bluetooth’s sound is a little muddy.

But we can live with that. Ultimately, the Just Connect DAB and Bluetooth systems have added an extra layer of usability to what is a fairly knackered old car.

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