The Race Hut – OMI

Some of the biggest titles in gaming are racing simulators. Gran Turismo, Forza, Need For Speed, Project Racer, Dirt, Colin McRae Rally, even Mario Kart have all been around for decades and have built up legions of loyal fans.

But the experience is always inherently limited. Either by the driving physics of the game, or the equipment you’re using, or the fact that you can’t play against that many people at one time. Which is where The Race Hut comes in.

The Race Hut is a simulator centre, where up to 16 people can race against each other on a minutely accurate, bespoke simulation, choosing from a massive range of cars and international circuits, using top-of-the-range steering wheels and pedals.

Graham King and James Fothergill went along to The Race Hut’s Slough branch aboard the DS 5 they had on test that week to go head-to-head in a race and decide once and for all who’s the better driver.

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