Perry McCarthy – #Petrolheads

Luck is as a big part of success in motorsport as talent. Perry McCarthy is a case in point.

Though he was undoubtedly a talented driver, Perry was rarely in the right place at the right time. Through sheer grit and determination he progressed up the ranks to Formula 1, landing a drive with Andrea Moda for 1992. Unfortunately the team, run by a shoemaker who thought it would be good advertising, was an absolute joke and Perry failed to make the start of a single Grand Prix.

Despite that debacle, Perry was able to make a living as a driver for hire, racing GTs and sports cars all over the world. Then he found an odd sort of fame, acting as Top Gear’s faceless racing driver The Stig from 2002-2003.

Only Motors met Perry at home in Kent to talk about navigating through a distinctly varied career as a professional driver. And Top Gear, obviously…

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