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On this edition of Can’t Drive Won’t


For his next challenge, set by best friend driver Jim, Tall Tim will be learning to drive a Powerboat. Instructed by Nick Kincart from Boatability in Marina Keep Portsmouth, Tim endeavours to conquer the Ribeye 6.5m. Through learning the controls and basic skipper training, Tall Tim hopes to get his sailing license. But before he gets even close to a certificate there are a few challenges he must face.

Learning to drive a Powerboat in a marina full of expensive yachts will be an interesting challenge for Tall Tim. What could go wrong? Again, Tall Tim must learn fast to master the operation of the powerboat through different skipper training challenges, finally culminating with a man overboard drill.

Nick shows Tim the basics of the boat controls and how to manoeuvre around obstacles in the marina, before venturing out to open water.

Can’t Drive Won’t follows Tall Tim, a man who cannot drive, attempt to drive the weirdest vehicles possible. Past repertoire of vehicles include; a Tank, Crop sprayer, Bus, Powerboat, Segway and Forklift.

Watch now to find out whether Tall Tim succeeds in learning to drive a Powerboat.

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