That sinking feeling

Passenger in car, to driver: You’re never going to drive across that bridge, are you? Look at it, it’s sinking!

Driver: I know it looks sketchy, but there isn’t any other way across this river. We’ve got to go across.

Passenger: Alright, but just take it easy, will you? This thing could sink at any moment.

Truck driver, thinking out loud: What are these idiots doing? Look at them, crawling along. The bridge is fine. I’ve got somewhere to be, for Pete’s sake! Right, I’m not having this. I’m just going to pass them all.

All car occupants, as truck blasts past and sinks the bridge: AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Truck driver: Ah. Yeah, eerrrmmm, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea….

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