One in a Million Crowd Funding T-Shirt

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UPC: 1 in a million
Brand: Kapang TV

Kapang T-shirts are very special, they allow you to become part of our team.

Our t-shirts represent our crowdfunding round which allows users and channel owners to purchase up to 100,000 shares, up to 10% of the existing business, from the 1 million company traded shares and become a micro-shareholder.

We have made 10% of the business available as 100,000 t-shirts purchased as a unique and one-time crowdfunding investment to raise funds to allow us to grow by expanding into other countries, kick-off content creation, invest in existing channels and content deals that people will love.

We already broadcast in UK and USA but once we roll out globally, your share value will increase.

Each T-shirt purchased comes with a 1 share from our 1 million share pool. You can buy as many T-shirts as you want, just as long as they are paid for in full and we have enough of the 100,000 T-shirts left in stock.

We will provide the details of your share-holding within 10 days of purchase. The value is valid from receipt of your T-shirt order. The shares cannot be resold or traded unless with the express and advanced written permission of Kapang Ltd. However, permission will be granted via an option for existing shareholders to buy them from you preferentially.

The TV industry is going through a huge change and Kapang is built solely to take advantage of this revolution. It provides traditional TV quality and user experience but with massive savings and impressive revenues.

So now, is THE time to invest.

Buy some t-shirts now.... join the revolution and each t-shirt will grow into a full wardrobe.

We hope you will enjoy joining the next unicorn.

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