If you are having problems logging into Amazon Fire TV, it is because you need to log in with a kapang account, not your Amazon account. Please follow the following instructions for access:

Open the following link, make an account and use those account details to log into Amazon Fire TV:

For UK Viewers use: https://tv.kapang.com

For viewers in USA: https://us.kapang.com

If you have further problems, please email: support@viewtvgroup.com

Questions and Answers

Question 1: Where do I download the apps?

Please go to https://kapang.com/apps/ to see the links from the app store or click signup or login at the top of this page.

Question 2: What channels can I view?

When you login you can view a number of channels from the EPG list, this list is growing regularly so it is easier to login and view the channels via the free login.