The UK remained the most prominent TV channel supplier in 2019 (home to 1,026 TV channels), despite migrations of international TV channels over Brexit, the European Audiovisual Observatory has found.

The Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic were the main destination territories for the broadcasting licence relocation, according to the report.

The study also showed that 11,177 TV channels were established in the 28 EU territories in 2019. Of these channels, 7.5 per cent were publicly owned, 29 per cent available in HD, and 32 per cent providing a catch-up service.

Charts showing Audiovisual Media Service available in Eur41 + Morocco in 2019
Audiovisual Media Service available in Eur41 + Morocco in 2019

The survey further revealed that the UK was the major hub for pay-on-demand services, accounting for 37 per cent of all services targeting other EU markets. The top three hubs, completed by Ireland (25 per cent) and Spain (13 per cent), accounted for a cumulative 75 per cent of all pay-on-demand services targeting other EU countries.

Meanwhile, 75 per cent of channels established in the EU territories in 2019 belonged to one of the following genres: generalist (21 per cent), film and TV fiction (13 per cent), sport (12 per cent), entertainment (11 per cent), music (7 per cent), children (6 per cent) and lifestyle/leisure/health/travel (6 per cent).

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