View TV Live launches an excellent Sports streaming service as the latest product from View TV and its consumer platform Kapang. View TV Live solves production companies and event organisers’ problems. The new service enables the broadcast of live sports and other live events on FAST channels globally across all platforms without having to operate your own 24/7 FAST Channel.

The service allows any live production company, rights holder or sports federation to broadcast, monetize and deliver to a global audience across multiple video and Connected TV devices. This is enabled with or without operating a FAST Channel plus redistribution across social networks such as Twitch and YouTube for no additional fees to get maximum reach for the event and its sponsors.

View TV Live allows any party to broadcast across multiple platforms with a few days’ notice by booking the slot, pushing the event and providing an SCTE-enabled SRT feed to their existing channels, Rathergood Sports & View TV Live, which launch imminently on Kapang and other global FAST platforms this month.

How can an event make money on FAST?

Getting a sport or an event on a FAST platform is usually achieved by creating a channel dedicated to the sport or event, which would play archive content most of the time. Then, the live event would break into this channel at prescheduled times. A FAST Channel can have costs of $15k – $100k/month for a few scheduled live events, which is unsustainable for most niche sports.

View TV Live allows any event organiser or production company to book an available time slot on the channel to broadcast live or replay content on the track to provide instantaneous reach and proven monetisation across all consumer platforms.

Reach for Niche sports and Niche events can be challenging to obtain and retain, so providing a slice of the FAST Channel bubble can benefit all sizes of events to give the reach they require for the sponsors, funders and partners.

The View TV model provides two initial global channel outlets providing 100% of the revenue earned back to the event broadcasters and simple broadcast costs, which are subject to a minimum spend with a high return on the fees.

Book an event for $100/hour of broadcast without having to sell and trade rights; take over the channels for an amount of time and comply with the broadcasting rules and regulations.

How much can a Live Event earn from Streaming?

With the View TV Live channels on Kapang, the media would earn almost $100k a day with 100,000 followers providing a revenue stream for free online viewers, three times greater than that received from YouTube and Twitch. Social Media and FAST Channel distribution will provide a total reach of more than 100m people.

View TV Live is also available as a subscription and PPV model, which could see virtual ticket earnings for the same audience earning more than $1m per event to provide actual sustainable production returns. (based on the $10 e-ticket price)

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View TV Live
View TV Live