We’ve been opening OXO cubes wrong this whole time

We challenge you to try opening an OXO cube without getting it all stuck in your fingers. It’s a common occurrence in kitchens across the country as people struggle to unwrap the little foil cuboids, then crumble it into a pan, bowl or jug and be left with meaty-smelling fingers. But it turns out we’ve been doing it all wrong this whole time.

In fact, the cubes are actually meant to open up and become sachets – hence the folded flaps on either side.

Yes, we’re pretty shocked too. Once the flaps are opened, you’re meant to crush the cube in the foil, which then transforms into a flat packet with its contents in their cooking-ready form. No more mess, no more meaty fingers for you.

he incredible trick was shared on a Slimming World group on Facebook, with many people saying they had no idea about the sachet. Katie Stones wrote: ‘Hold up hold up… why am I 35 and have never known this!!

‘Why have I spent the last 20+ cooking years peeling oxo wrappers and getting it all up in my nails (obvs licking my fingers after) when all along these little bad boys are actually sachets’. Other people responded in shock, writing ‘mind blown’ and calling the hack a ‘life skill’.


Source: https://metro.co.uk/

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