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Jam in the Van
Jam in the Van

Streaming makes music more accessible to everyone anywhere on the planet. Many times the sound quality of streamed music will be far superior to that of songs on CDs. Subscribers will have access to out-of-print recordings. Streaming doesn’t take up space on the user’s hard drive.

music streaming platforms are becoming popular among Gen Z for various reasons: they offer users a convenient way to listen to their favorite music, discover new artists, and create custom playlists. Additionally, these platforms provide an affordable alternative to purchasing individual songs or albums.

Why do we watch music videos?

It’s not just about sensation, it’s about the content. When you watch a music video you are watching the song’s visual representation. It’s the artist’s way of saying “This is my song visualised”.

Online music streaming services have impacted the music industry big time. They have changed the way people consume music and have made it more accessible and convenient. There are tons of streaming services out there these days, and most of them have a dedicated fan following. These streaming services might look similar, but some of them have unique selling points that set them apart from others.


Most online music streaming apps are highly diverse, and you can find every kind of music on them. Spotify is a great example of this as the app has millions of songs on it, and you can listen to whatever kind of music you prefer.

You will never get bored of your music streaming app because you can create unlimited playlists and listen to the one that matches your present mood.


Another great reason to stream music online is that it offers personalization. This is something that wasn’t possible in the music world before. All the major music streaming platforms have advanced algorithms that can generate playlists for you automatically. These algorithms study your music browsing pattern and make you different playlists accordingly.

You can enjoy playlists with your favourite songs without having to go through the trouble of making them.