Dave Clark of Dave Clark Designs

Ever seen something you didn’t know you wanted until saw it? It’s that phenomenon that has allowed Dave Clark to turn his passion for creating automotive sculpture and furniture into a living.

There are two strands to the Dave Clark Designs business. He is perhaps best known for turning bits of old cars into household furniture: old seats become chairs, wheels become stools, engines become tables. But really, the possibilities are endless.

The other strand is highly stylised automotive sculptures, more interpretations of the subject rather than straight depictions.

It all started back in 2009 when Dave built a couple of chairs and displayed them at a show. That led to some commissions and the business has grown from there, more by word of mouth than anything else.

Everything Dave makes is unique. He has produced a few series of a particular item, but because they are all hand-made, on two examples are ever the same.

If you want to show your love of cars with something genuinely different are beautiful, there are few better places to go.

Only Motors visited Dave at his workshop to find out all about it.

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